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    our approach combines a unique blend of field experience in the services and technology sectors with strong direct search and interview techniques. We meet, brief and challenge all our candidates before organizing the interaction with our selected customers.

AfinIT Talents Interaction Architect

We help you to identify and attract the key contributors, we present exclusive employment opportunities, we work in a structured and cost effective approach. Enginering, Finance and IT focus combined with affinity; the passionated « human relationship » chemistry ! This is what our name stands for.

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Our Services

As a "Talents interaction Architects", we are making the (missing) link between highly qualified talents and exclusive employment opportunities.

Our vision is to build cost effective and qualitative recruitment services inspired by our indepth industry and local knowledge.

Our approach combines a unique blend of field experience in the technology and finance sectors with strong direct search and interview techniques for the benefits of our customers and candidates.

Our References

Marc hired me (...) 1 year ago (...). He was able to quickly understand the way I was thinking, what were my expectations, my drives, my concerns also and above all, he managed to make it clear and sharp rapidly. I think he has a real 6th sense to feel people and to analyze the fit between the job & you. I would add that from a personal point of view, he's a great guy with a huge sense of humor, it was a real pleasure to know him.
BBI- Infrastructure Architect
In the somewhat “uneven” world of Resources Recruitment, Marc is for me part of serious players in whom you can trust. As former colleague, I appreciated his inimitable “Bostonian like business style” made of uncommon self-control, serene attitude in most hectic situations, lucid win-win profile matching analysis, Top personalized career advices and the high quality of his professional network. This combined with a winning addition of personal traits made of good values as a core attachment to ethic and responsible attitudes. Most significant to me is the sincerity of his interest in the objectives of its stakeholders. Based on this, I warmly recommend Marc professional services for both Companies and Candidates.
SSM: Senior Project Manager